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Welcome to my portfolio website!

I'm Gosia, a children's book illustrator and aspiring author based in Wiltshire, UK. 

I have always loved picture books and that is why I became an illustrator.

I would always get excited by all the beautifully illustrated books that my mum would read to me when I was little, and I would often draw things inspired by them too. So when it came to choosing a career, I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do. 

Now that I'm a mum myself, I have an even bigger appreciation for picture books and stories for children. It makes my heart so happy to see how excited my daughter gets when we read books together, and how interested she is in all the beautiful illustrations. 

That's exactly why I aim to create illustrations that are full of color, life, adventure, magic, and everything in between. So that children can look at my books and feel as happy and excited as my daughter when we read her favorite stories. I strive to create books that allow children to expand their universe through my illustrations.  



I graduated with a BA in Illustration at the London Metropolitan University.

I work digitally but, I am heavily influenced by natural, raw textures of pencils, charcoals, and watercolors, so I always aim to blur the line between digital and traditional illustration.  

I am always looking for new, exciting projects and creative opportunities, so feel free to contact me at


I am represented by Lane Clarke at Ultra Literary. For publishing/illustration inquiries please contact


London International Creative Competition - Official Selection 2020



Note: I am not open to self-publishing projects at this time. 

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